AE Lenton are specialists in the production of premium quality vegetables including Cauliflowers, Calabrese, Cabbage, Vining Peas and a range of Organic crops.

Vegetables from AE Lenton

AE Lenton Ltd

AE Lenton limited produce premium vegetables for UK supermarkets and has built an excellent reputation for consistant quality.

AE Lenton combines the experience of a number of independent growers who specialise in the production of Brassicas, including Cauliflower (March - December) Brociolia (June /November) Cabbage (Year round) Sprouts (September/March).

As well as UK Cauliflower production AE Lenton grow Calabrese, Savoy Cabbage and White Storage Cabbage on some of the most productive silts in Lincolnshire.

AE Lenton are particularly proud of our Brassica production which is all operated in house. Varieties are selected by our own seed selection and purchasing department and passed on to specialist plant raisers. The crops are carefully managed and always remain within a radius of 10 miles of the main coldstore and packing site. This helps ensure both traceability and consistent high quality throughout production.

AE Lenton manages all of the production chain, all the way to delivery to our Customer’s depo.

Investment In Success

AE Lenton is committed to using modern technology and processes to excel in Vegetable production. AE Lenton have invested heavily in the latest technology to improve the quality and efficiency of the production chain.

AE Lenton strive to offer precision production methods that can respond to the demands of the competitive UK vegetable market. AE Lenton have developed systems to monitor and improve production efficiency and have introduced the use of Satellite technology across the group.

AE Lenton operates its own packing and coldstore facilities which are accredited by the British Retail Consortium (BRC). AE Lenton have also introduced a modern irrigation system and run our own in house haulage with 12 refrigerated vehicales.

This investment in processes and technology means that the AE Lenton group can offer highly competitive pricing to our customers across UK and Europe.

More Information

For more information about AE Lenton Group please contact us on 01754 820 203 or email: