AE Lenton are committed to the care of the Environment. They have reduced the amount of herbicides and insecticide they use on crops and choose mechanical cultivations methods wherever practical.

AE Lenton are committed to sustainable UK farming practices which have minimal impact on the natural environment and encourage bio-diversity.

AE Lenton are committed to the care of the Environment

The Company operates two fully organic farms. The farms are enclosed by natural barriers that control the risk of outside contamination. AE Lenton has adopted a number of natural practices to control weeds and pests by mechanical means and only limited registered products are used. AE Lenton pride ourselves in offering crop continuity and high quality.

AE Lenton believe that the demands of modern farming practices can be balanced with the care for the natural environment and are continually striving to preserve our natural heritage for future generations.

Biomass Plant

The 1.2 MW (megawatt) Anaerobic Digestion Plant at East Kirkby will produce green electricity and heat from Biomass Grown on farm and imported Pig Slurry. Read More

Liquid and solids will be separated via a press and the residual solid and liquid residues will be spread as fertiliser on local farmland.

The residue has no smell and can be stored easily in both solid and liquid form for use as a fertiliser / soil modifier.

More Information

For more information about AE Lenton Group please contact us on 01754 820 203 or email: info@aelenton.co.uk