The AE Lenton has an excellent reputation for quality cereals using the latest technology to manage the efficient production of Wheat, Barley and Oil Seed Rape.

AE Lenton currently grow a range of combinable crops including Feed Wheat and Oil Seed Rape as well as finest quality Malting Barley. All our cereal is harvested in house using our own equipment.

Cereals from AE Lenton

AE Lenton’s cereals benefit from highly fertile soil which produces consistently high quality and yields.

Latest Technology

The AE Lenton Group is committed to using modern technology in its farming operations. AE Lenton use the latest tractors, cultivation equipment, drills and combine harvesters. AE Lenton also are constantly developing systems to monitor and increase the efficiency of operations.

Including the use of Satellite Navigation technology to increase efficiency and have invested heavily in the latest tractor and field harvesting equipment.

Award Winning Produce

AE Lenton operates across some of the best cereal production silts in the country and has built a reputation for consistently high crop standards. This quality has been recognized with a number of accreditations including , Assured Combinable Crops.

More Information

For more information about AE Lenton Group please contact us on 01754 820 203 or email: info@aelenton.co.uk