AE Lenton produces premium potatoes grown on the UK’s finest silts. AE Lenton include varieties for the processing and prepack outlets.

Potatoes from AE Lenton

Cold Store Technology

AE Lenton operates cold stores which have a total capacity of over 10,000 tonnes. These cold stores are distributed across our crop network to minimize the time from field to chilled storage.

AE Lenton grow a wide range of varieties which are graded into boxes and then chilled to ensure freshness. All field operations are carefully recorded on a central computer system which is used to monitor efficiency. AE Lenton is committed to production efficiency and strives to offer consistently high quality produce at competitive prices.

Investing In Quality

AE Lenton have made significant investment in technology and use the latest tractor, drilling, picking and processing equipment. AE Lenton have also pioneered the use of satellite navigation across our farms and are constantly seeking to improve processes and production efficiency. This efficiency and attention to detail gives AE Lenton the ability to offer premium potatoes at competitive prices.

Recently AE Lenton introduced a new irrigation system to a number of our farms. This irrigation allows for greater consistency of produce quality. In 2009 AE Lenton began injecting fertiliser directly into soil near the potato crop. This minimises the use of expensive fertilizers and increases production efficiency.

More Information

For more information about AE Lenton Group please contact us on 01754 820 203 or email: info@aelenton.co.uk